Welcome to the web site of Boy Scout Troop 105 of Hanover Pennsylvania! Whether you are a current scout or a future scout, this is the online source for troop info.

If you are looking into possibly joining Troop 105, you can start by going to the Prospective Scouts page where you can learn about the troop.

For current members of the troop, there are various resources for you to use including current news, the event schedule, gear checklists, and a uniform guide.

latest news

Cyberchip Posted 6/25/16

The Scouts have schedule cyberchip for this Wednesday June 29th. In order for a Scout to earn his cyberchip a parent/gaurdian must participate. Here are the requirements that require parent/gaurdian participation:
  1. Write and sign a personalized contract with your parent or guardian that outlines rules for using the computer and mobile devices, including what you can download, what you can post, and consequences for inappropriate use.
  2. Discuss with your parents the benefits and potential dangers teenagers might experience when using social media. Give examples of each.

Rodney Payments Posted 3/16/16

Rodney payments are due 4/27/16

PLC (Patrol LeadersConference) Schedule Posted 9/27/15

The green bars start @ 6:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month.


upcoming events

July 15th -17th

Caveing- TBD

2016 August 19th -21st

Fish Camp

Recycling: 7AM - 2PM

Second and fourth Saturday of the every month
and fifth Saturday of January and August.
Parents are welcome to come and help.