Welcome to the web site of Boy Scout Troop 105 of Hanover Pennsylvania! Whether you are a current scout or a future scout, this is the online source for troop info.

If you are looking into possibly joining Troop 105, you can start by going to the Prospective Scouts page where you can learn about the troop.

For current members of the troop, there are various resources for you to use including current news, the event schedule, gear checklists, and a uniform guide.

latest news

New Canada Section Added To Website

A new Canada Trip 2018 section has been added to the site with all the important information relating to the troop's 2018 Canada trip at Algonquin Park.
You can get to the page under the resources drop down at the top of the site.

Greenbank Trip Posted 11/15/17

Report AT 7:30 AM on Friday for the Greenbank trip. Make sure you pack warm clothes and wear warm clothes.

No meeting next week Posted 11/15/17

There will be no meeting on Wednesday, November 22nd since it is the day before Thanksgiving

Halloween in the Park Posted 10/18/17

Meet AT 5:15 PM on Friday at the church so we can leave as soon as possible for the trip. We will be leaving around 1:00 PM and arriving around then at the church for pickup on Sunday.

Sign in to Scoutbook Posted 10/11/17

It's important and will allow you to track your progress much easier.

Trip this Weekend Posted 10/11/17

Arrive at 5:30 on friday, leaving at 5:45. Return time is ~1:00

Citizenship Eagle Required Merit Badges Posted 10/4/17

Sign up for the merit badges Citizenship in the World/Nation/Community with Michelle.

Sign up for Halloween at the park! Posted 10/4/17

We NEED more scouts for Halloween at the park, sign up if you are able to.

Greenbank Astronomy Posted 10/4/17

Sign up BY November 1st, you can earn the astronomy merit badge, you don't need money for food.

PLC (Patrol LeadersConference) Schedule Posted 9/27/15

The green bars start @ 6:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month.


upcoming events

2017 Dec 15th-17th

Geocaching/Camping @ Wizard Ranch

Recycling: 7AM - 2PM

Second and fourth Saturday of the every month
and fifth Saturday of January and August.
Parents are welcome to come and help.